Thursday, 12 July 2018

Wimbledon Day 9 - Djokovic d Nishikori in 1/4s

Day 9 of the Wimbledon Championships 2018 was Men’s Quarter Final Day and the first match on Centre Court featured three time title holder here Novak Djokovic (12), and Kei Nishikori (24).

Djokovic served first - an ace and a forehand winner highlighted the service hold 1-0

Two Nishikori forehand winners in his effort to level at 1-1

Four  Nishikori errors, one forced, and Djokovic led 2-1.

One brilliant rally was the memorable point from the fourth game and Djokovic converted the second of two break points granted him - 3-1.

Nishikori won another excellent rally with a backhand winner 15-15.

Djokovic hit a backhand long 15-30.  Another backhand wide and Nishikori had two break points. A double fault and the break back. Djokovic led 3-2

Double fault from Japan 15-15.  Nishikori backhand winner 40-15.  Djokovic backhand winner 40-30.  Another Nishikori backhand winner and games were 3-3.

Djokovic put away at the net 15-15.  Backhand wrong footed Nishikori 30-15.  Service held with another Djokovic winner 4-3.

Super forehand from Djokovic for 30-30, then a Nishikori error and break point.  A backhand wide and the break realised.  5-3 Djokovic.

Nishikori saved the first of two set points with a sizzling forehand.

Deuce arrived with a Djokovic mistake.  An ace for a third set point.

This time it was taken and Djokovic led 6-3

Set two and Nishikori took a number of trips to deuce before eventually holding serve and leading 1-0.

Backhand Djokovic winner 15-0.  Wild forehand miss from Nishikori then an overhead winner from Djokovic 40-0.  Service hold to love 1-1.

After another tremendous rally which Djokovic ended with a winner, Nishikori contributed errors and three break points presented themselves.  Two saved.  And an ace saved the third.  A lucky net cord and game point Nishikori.  He held and led 2-1.

Nishikori broke serve to lead 3-1.

A Japanese backhand winner for 30-0.  A forehand winner sealed the game 4-1 Nishikori.

A Djokovic ace 30-0.  A love game and Djokovic trailed 2-4.

Drop shot magic from Nishikori, but then a loose backhand 15-15.  Djokovic found the net 30-15.  Backhand winner from Serbia 30-30.  Deuce reached.  Nishikori held for 5-2.

Backhand winner from Nishikori, followed by a Djokovic double fault 0-30.  Recovery to 30-30, then an ace and a great backhand for the game 3-5.

Drop shot winner from Nishikori and long Djokovic forehand 30-15.  Netted Djokovic forehand.  Two set points.  One saved.  A Nishikori forehand winner won him the set 6-3

A forehand winner, a service winner, a drop shot winner and an ace produced a perfect love game for Djokovic to open the third set.

Nishikori levelled at 1-1.  Djokovic quick to 2-1

Forehand Nishikori winner and a forehand just as good as a winner from Djokovic 15-15.  A Nishikori ace for 30-15.  Exchange of errors.  40-30.

Exquisite backhand winner from Djokovic and deuce.  Nishikori found the net and break point.  Saved with a winner at the net.  Serve held for 2-2.

Forehand down the line from Nishikori, then a Djokovic double fault 0-30.  A loose forehand and three break points.  One saved.  And the second with a backhand winner.  The third saved when Nishikori met the net.  Djokovic held serve, a critical game - he led 3-2.

Three errors, two from Nishikori, then an ace 30-30.  Another Nishikori mistake and break point.  Backhand pushed way wide and the break came.  4-2 for the 12th seed.

A love game and Djokovic led 5-2.  

Djokovic forced three errors and hit a backhand winner to break the Nishikori serve and win the set 6-2.

The fourth set began with forehand and backhand winners from Nishikori, plus errors from Djokovic, and it was 15-40. Two break points, and the second was used to give Nishikori the lead 1-0.

Backhand and forehand Djokovic winners and two break back points.  An overhead winner at the net. The break came 1-1.

Forehand Serbian winner 30-0.  Djokovic held for 2-1.

Errors traded 15-15.  Two loose Japanese shots and two break points. One saved courtesy of a Djokovic mistake, but the second was not and Djokovic led by two sets to one and with a break in the fourth 3-1.

A forehand smash winner and Djokovic 30-0.  Great return from Nishikori 30-15.  Forehand winner then backhand winner from Djokovic, and he was ahead 4-1.

Backhand Djokovic stunner and 0-15.  36 winners now.  Nishikori recovered to 40-15.  Service held and Djokovic led 4-2.

Smash winner from Nishikori and pressure on Djokovic 30-30.  Game point following Nishikori finding the net. Forehand winner sent Djokovic to 5-2, just a game away from the semi finals.

Nishikori lost his way from 40-15 and found himself at deuce.  

A great Nishikori backhand was followed by a Djokovic forehand winner cross court.

A Nishikori error and match point.  An off forehand did the honours (his 39th winner for the match)

Novak Djokovic defeated Kei Nishikori 6-3 3-6 6-2 6-2

His semi final opponent will be the winner of the next match between Rafa Nadal and Juan Martin del Potro.

Kei Nishikori is certainly on the way back to where he belongs, now around the top twenty and rising.  With only points from Washington last year to defend, that rise may be rapid, should he remain injury free.

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