Saturday, 7 July 2018

Wimbledon Day 6 - Kasatkina d Barty

Australian Ash Barty (17) had performed well in her first two matches at Wimbledon 2018, but the third round match against Daria Kasatkina (14) promised a much closer contest on Day Six on Court Three.

Barty opened with a confident love game, and Kasatkina began impressively until a double fault brought on some mistakes and deuce.

A second deuce with a Barty forehand winner.  Break point after a Kasatkina miss.  Converted following a backhand down the line from Barty. 2-0.

A second love game put Barty ahead 3-0

Despite a double fault, Kasatkina held well and trailed 1-3.  Forehand winner and 30-0 Barty.  Off forehand winner and 40-0.  4-1 and Barty yet to lose a point on serve.

A backhand winner was a good follow up to a Kasatkina double fault, but another double fault gave Barty break point. Saved with an ace.  Break point after Kasatkina found the net.  Saved with a forehand winner.

Kasatkina held serve and Barty led 4-2.

Double fault for Barty.  30-30 after a rare error from the Australian.  Break point after a net cord from Kasatkina gave Barty no chance.  Break back following Barry’s netted shot.  3-4 Kasatkina but on serve.

Errors starting to flow from the Australian racquet and winners from the Russian.  A love game from Kasatkina.  4-4.

30-0 became 30-30 for Barty, a double fault not helping.  She still held for 5-4.

On the back of mistakes from Barty, Kasatkina levelled at 5-5.

An overhead at the net, plus an ace took Barty to 40-15 but errors brought it to deuce.  A winning lob from Kasatkina and break point.  A backhand pushed wide and Kasatkina would serve for the set at 6-5.

The momentum had certainly changed in full.

Four Australian unforced errors and the set was Kasatkina’s 7-5.

Barty began set two with a winner from the net.  A forehand winner sealed the game and she led 1-0.  

Kasatkina handled a lob brilliantly on the way to holding serve.  1-1.

Barty responded well to a Kasatkina drop shot and held for 2-1.

Break point following two unforced Kasatkina errors.  Saved.  Double fault and a second break chance.  Poor forehand from Barty and deuce.  Netted Kasatkina forehand and third break opportunity.  Lucky net cord saved the Russian.  She won the game and it was 2-2

A Russian winner brought up two break points and Kasatkina converted to lead 3-2.

A double fault and mistakes led to three break back points for Barty.  The second was used to level the set at 3-3.

Yet another net cord for Kasatkina to frustrate Barty.  She managed to push Kasatkina to all parts and take a 40-15 lead.  Deuce after a brilliant Kasatkina backhand and a Barty double fault.  

Break point after Barty found the net.  Net again and the third break in a row.  Kasatkina 4-3 and the finish line close.

A love game from Kasatkina, all points due to Australian errors.  5-3

0-40 and Barty just all over the place, shots missing repeatedly.

Three match points for Kasatkina.  Only one needed as a backhand down the line winner did the trick.

Daria Kasatkina won 7-5 6-3 and entered the round of sixteen at Wimbledon for the first time, her previous best a third round in 2016.

For Ash Barty, a third round Wimbledon finish is the best for her since she had never made it past the first round before this.

In big matches, Barty must resist the habit she has of starting well but dropping off and allowing opponents to enter the contest. Top players learn to put the foot down when in control.

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