Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Wimbledon Day 8 - Goerges d Bertens in 1/4s

Second up on Court One, Day 8, Ladies Quarter Final Day, Wimbledon 2018 was the battle between Julia Goerges (13) (Germany) and Kiki Bertens (20) (Netherlands)

Bertens served first and won the initial two points, the second an ace.  Goerges responded with a forehand winner.  Game point after a Goerges error. A big serve and Bertens held for 1-0

Errors determined 30-30 for Goerges.  A quality serve forced Bertens to hit her return long and Goerges struck a forehand winner 1-1

Excellence cross court return and Bertens couldn’t handle it.  15-30.  Ultimately deuce.  Bertens forehand winner was nullified by a subsequent unforced error.  Serve held by the Dutch player and Kiki led 2-1.

A terrific drop shot from Bertens and 30-15 to Goerges.  An ace at 40-30 and Goerges levelled 2-2

Backhand German winner, replied with an off forehand Dutch winner.  Double fault and 30-30.  Exchange of errors and deuce.  Return winner from Goerges and forehand winner from Bertens, the latter holding serve for a 3-2 lead.

Goerges held to love. 3-3.

Drop shot winners from both and 15-15.  Double fault and 30-30.  A forehand wide from Bertens and break point.  Saved.  Wonderful drop shot winner for the game and Bertens led 4-3.

Dutch return winner and German errors - two break points.  Ace saved one.  Goerges backhand long and Bertens broke for 5-3

Serving for the set, Bertens led 30-15 before a Goerges forehand levelled it at 30-30.  The first set point was saved.  Bertens won the next two points and took the set 6-3

Goerges opened set two with a service hold to lead 1-0

A Dutch winner and Bertens 30-15.  40-30 after Goerges rushed the net to put away the volley.  Bertens repeated the move and won the game 1-1.

Big serving from Goerges and her love game gave her 2-1.

0-30 after a Dutch double fault.  A backhand winner from  Bertens and 30-30.  Break point.  Saved.  Bertens backhand winner and game point.  Deuce.  Break chance again.  A sizzling backhand down the line from Goerges clinched the break and she led 3-1

30-30 on the German serve.  A superb Goerges overhead winner and game point.  Saved. Off forehand winner from Germany and another game point.  Another forehand sent Goerges to 4-1.

Forehand winner from Goerges and 0-15.  15-30 after Goerges found the net.  Big Bertens serve and she held in the end for 2-4

Fine drop shot from Goerges but Bertens won through to 30-40 and had a break point. Goerges pushed one wide and dropped serve.  Games were 4-3 Goerges and on serve.

Break opportunity for Goerges.  Saved through a German mistake.  Bertens ultimately held serve and it was 4-4

15-0 following a Goerges winner.  Lucky net cord and 30-0.  Double fault 30-15.  Goerges held and led 5-4

Bertens served to stay alive in the set.  She lost the first two points but a good serve brought it to 15-30.  Two set points after a loose Dutch attempt.  One saved.  And the second.  Game point after a winning volley.  Great serving under pressure and it was 5-5.

Awesome angled drop shot was too much for Bertens and 15-0.  Double fault 15-15.  Backhand long by Goerges 15-30.  Forehand winner and big serve for game point.  Off forehand winner and Goerges led 6-5.

Bertens down 15-40 and two more set points to Germany.

A. Dutch shot wide and Goerges took the set 7-5

A third set decider was required.

Goerges achieved a vital break in the fourth game to lead 3-1.

Errors were just too frequent now from Bertens and three unforced gave Goerges that many game points - she won the love game, finalised with a backhand down the line winner 4-1

A sensational forehand from Goerges and 0-30 Bertens.  An even better one for 0-40.  One break point saved with a Dutch winner.  A drop shot was too good and the break was delivered. 

5-1 and Julia Goerges would serve for the match.

A backhand cross court winner from Goerges for 15-0.  She was bringing her best to the table at the very end of the match and what a delight to witness.

Bertens hit one out of London 30-0.  Three match points after another Dutch mistake.  Only one required - Julia Goerges won her way into the final four 3-6 7-5 6-1

The semi final opponent is the best in the business.  Serena Williams defeated Camila Giorgi 3-6 6-3 6-4

If Julia Goerges can serve up what she did in the third set, then her match with Serena will be a beauty.

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