Sunday, 15 July 2018

Angie defeats Serena - 3rd Grand Slam title

The Ladies Singles Final at Wimbledon 2018 was contested between 7 times champion Serena Williams (25) and Angie Kerber (11).

Serena has amazed us throughout her stellar career.  However as she has reached the end part of that career she keeps adding new achievements which make tennis followers shake their heads in wonder.

Winning the 2017 Australian Open while pregnant, then just 10 months after giving birth, and only playing four tournaments in that time, the legend has powered her way into her tenth Wimbledon final.

Angie Kerber made three Grand Slam tournament finals in 2016, winning twice but losing to Serena at Wimbledon.  She achieved world number one status. However 2017 wasn’t as kind, losing the opening rounds of Roland Garros and the US Open, and her ranking falling to 21 by years end.

2018 and the spark is back, winning in Sydney, making the Aus Open semis and Roland Garros quarters.  Top ten again.

Serena Williams served first, delivering a forehand winner to start.  Errors from both and 30-15.  Serena hit the net twice in a row and break point.  A third time meeting the net and the break came.  Kerber 1-0.

A Kerber forehand winner and Williams unforced errors 2-0.

A service winner and backhand winner helped Williams onto the scoreboard but she trailed a break 1-2.

Williams broke back to love, Kerber donating four errors, two unforced.  2-2.

Two aces and a pair of winning forehands put Williams ahead 3-2.

Two forehands and one backhand were winners for Kerber and she levelled at 3-3.

Two Williams double faults followed an unforced error, and three break points were faced.  Two were saved, but when Kerber forced Williams into a forehand mistake, the break arrived.  4-3 Kerber.

Kerber was down 15-30, but she forced Williams into error the next three points to lead 5-3.

Unforced Williams errors were compounded when Kerber hit a volley winner to create two set points.  One saved. Kerber forced a backhand miss and the set was hers 6-3.  Only the second set dropped by Williams all tournament - both in the last two matches. Kerber lost a set in her second round match but none since.

Kerber opened set two with a service hold, an ace and backhand winner prominent.

Williams replied with a forehand winner, smash winner and volley winner 1-1.  Two Williams winning forehands, one a volley, and 15-30 Kerber. Errors from the American racquet and 2-1 Kerber.

A Williams winning volley and Kerber forced errors made it 2-2.

Kerber taken to deuce after a Williams backhand winner and the German forced into error. Two failed Williams backhands and Kerber held for 3-2.

Williams 15-40 after she was forced into a backhand mistake and Kerber hit a forehand winner.  A volley winner saved one break point, but another winning German forehand achieved the service break and Kerber led 4-2.  Williams was in serious trouble.

A Williams backhand winner and 15-15 on the Kerber serve. However she threw in three unforced errors and Kerber held 5-2.

Williams served to stay in the match.  Two aces and a hold for 3-5.

Kerber serving for the title.

30-30 after four errors, three forced.  A Kerber forehand winner gave her match point.  Williams, with a backhand forced error ended the match.

Angie Kerber won the match, her third Grand Slam title, the first at Wimbledon, and her second final win over Serena Williams at this level.

Angie will move to 4 in the world rankings and Serena will move from 181 to 28.

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