Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Murray too strong for Ferrer

Andy Murray has been runner up in the Aus Open four times and if he is to go one better needs to overcome the consistent number eight seed David Ferrer.  For the experienced Spaniard he would have to break a streak of losses against Murray if he hoped to reach another Aus Open semi final.

Murray has been in fine form all through the tournament and should have too many weapons for Ferrer but needs to be wary especially because of the mess Ferrer made of Isner.

Murray netted a backhand and Ferrer won the opening point on the Murray serve.  Ferrer gave an error back, in fact two, and it was 30-15.  30-30 after the net was found again. A Murray forehand was the first winner and deuce came with a Scottish forehand wide. A backhand forehand volley combo followed by a winning forehand by Murray saw him lead 1-0.

40-30 to Ferrer with a fine Murray point win at the net ultimately.  Ferrer held and 1-1.  Backhand netted by Ferrer 15-0.  Backhand return winner 15-15.  Backhand volley winner Murray 30-15. Murray held for 2-1.

Quickly to 40-0 for Ferrer.  Stumbling with mistakes to 40-30.  Deuce now.  Break point with another bad miss.  The break came and Murray accepted the kind gift to lead 3-1.  Murray had 30-15 and more errors than good tennis.  Another mistake and 40-15.  Net trouble for Murray and 40-30.  Double fault and deuce.  An overhead winner from Murray and game point.  Serve held and 4-1 Murray.

30-15 for Ferrer.  Murray netted and 40-15.  Serve held and 4-2 Murray.  30-0 and a poor miss from Ferrer on a second serve. 40-15 and the tennis not hitting any great heights yet.  Murray held for 5-2.
Forehand winner for Ferrer 15-0. Netted forehand by Murray 30-0.  Lucky net cord ultimately led to a winning point for Murray and then a volley winner from the second seed 30-30.  Set point for Murray saved by a Ferrer forehand forcing error.  Game Ferrer and 5-3 Murray serving for the set.

0-15 with Murray backhand long.  Service winner 15-15.  Extraordinary rally where shots were reached that shouldn't have been and Murray just missed a forehand and faced 15-30.  Two break points when Murray hit a backhand wide.  One saved with a solid serve causing error.  Then an ace and deuce. Set point with a third great serve.  Murray dug himself out of trouble to take the first set 6-3.

Ferrer overcame the disappointment of dropping the first set by holding serve and then breaking Murray to lead 2-0.  Ferrer netted a forehand and it was 40-15 on his serve. A forehand winner won the game for Ferrer and he led 3-0.

30-15 for Murray became 40-15 with a ground stroke long from Ferrer. Double fault and 40-30.  Game in the end for 1-3. Ferrer had 30-0 but great retrieval from Murray and an overhead from Ferrer missed. 30-15. A beautiful pass from Ferrer and two game points.  Murray had Ferrer on a string before putting away a volley 40-30. Deuce after Ferrer found the net.  A wonderful stretch volley from Ferrer and game point.  Serve held and 4-1 Ferrer.

Murray raced through his service game to love and trailed 2-4 and just a single break.  Ferrer served and was down 0-15 with a self inflicted error.  Murray's backhand winner had Ferrer down 0-30.  Three break points with Ferrer unable to handle the Murray return.  One saved with a pathetic netted backhand from Murray. A wild forehand by Ferrer hit into the Western Suburbs cost him his serve and Murray saw 3-4 on the scoreboard with his serve to come.

Double fault from Murray and 15-15.  An error from the second seed and 15-30.  An error ridden game and 40-30.  Deuce with a shocking drop shot from Murray.  Break point for Ferrer after another unforced mistake. A terrific forehand winner saved Murray.  At last a decent shot.  He held and games were 4-4.

0-15 on the Ferrer serve.  15-30 with a backhand from Murray down the line.  Two break points after a Ferrer miss.  One saved with a Murray mistake.  The second disappeared with Murray into the net.  A backhand volley winner took Ferrer to 5-4.

Murray had 0-15.  A backhand out away made it 15-15.  Ace timely for 30-15.  30-30 and critical point.  Murray found the net and set point for Ferrer.  Ace saved it.  Murray held for 5-5.  

A drop shot lob combo won the point for Ferrer and he led 30-15.  Another lob winner for 40-15.  A backhand volley won the game for Ferrer and he led 6-5.  Murray rushed the net and rushed the Ferrer shot 15-0.  Big serving and 30-0.  Ferrer down the line and 30-15.  40-15 and tie break near.

Tie break here.  Ferrer 1-0 on serve.  Ace for Murray and 1-1.  Murray missed wildly with backhand volley and Ferrer led 2-1 with break.  Ferrer with second overhead for winner and 3-1.  Murray's backhand was wide and 4-1 to Ferrer.  Murray's serve drew an error and he was down 2-4 at end change.  3-4 with serve forehand combo from Murray.  Backhand from Murray wide after longest rally of the match 5-3.  Murray won after coming into net and broke back to 4-5.  A netted backhand from Ferrer and 5-5.  A forehand volley winner from Ferrer and he had set point.  Murray pushed one wide and Ferrer won the tie break 7-5 and the set 7-6. He also raised the decibels of his irritating grunting to record levels.  One set all.

Set three began with two comfortable service holds, the second by Ferrer full of errors by both players.  
Murray's forehand assisted him to 2-1 and then to trouble the Ferrer serve, which was under threat after he double faulted to set up two break points.  Murray won the game to lead 3-1.

Down 0-30 Murray's forehand winners took him to 30-30 but a double fault gave Ferrer a break point which was saved. Another double fault presented another break point which was saved by a Murray forehand.  Eventually the forehand won the game and Murray led 4-1.

Murray set up chances in the sixth game with his damaging forehand but unforced errors allowed Ferrer to escape and games were 2-4.  Murray held serve with ease and was only a game away from a two sets to one lead.

An unforced error from Ferrer gave Murray set point which was saved, but a winner from the Scot presented a second set point and this one was used.  Murray took the third set 6-2 and was in a commanding position two sets to one in front.

In set four, Murray's forehand closed out a service game for him to lead 1-0, then Ferrer from 30-30 was forced into error twice an d lost his serve to trail 2-0.  Murray had a double fault and unforced errors dog his next service game and the break back occurred.  Ferrer trailed 1-2.
More Scottish unforced errors enabled Ferrer to level at 2-2 before Murray incorporated two aces into a game which gave him a 3-2 lead.

From 30-30 Ferrer committed two unforced errors and was broken, giving Murray the 4-2 advantage.  A double fault from Murray gave a break point to Ferrer but winners helped him survive and lead 5-2.

Ferrer held serve and Murray led 5-3, serving for the match.

Losing the opening point, Murray steadied and won the next four to defeat Ferrer 
6-3 6-7 6-2 6-3.

He would play either Monfils or Raonic in the semis.

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