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Djokovic 6 Aus Opens

For the fourth time in six years Novak Djokovic was to meet Andy Murray in the final of the Australian Open.  Andy was hoping desperately for a debut triumph at the event and his first major title since 2013 Wimbledon.  Novak was wanting a sixth Aus Open which would make it 11 majors and three in succession after his 2015 Wimbledon and US Open successes.

Andy struggled to reach the final after Raonic appeared to have his measure in the semi final before succumbing to injury, while Novak whipped Federer for two sets before finishing him off in four.

However what was done is history, and the final of 2016 would create its own excitement.  Djokovic should win, his game similar to Murray's, but better where it counts. The ease of victory not as clear as many would have you believe though,  and this could well go the full distance.

Djokovic won the toss and served first. Murray returned the second serve long and 15-0. Forehand winner and 30-0. Netted error and forehand error from Djokovic and 30-30.  Backhand netted by Djokovic and break point.  Awesome backhand crosscourt winner from Djokovic saved the break point. Both players hit long and still deuce.  Djokovic held ultimately for 1-0.

0-15 after Murray netted.  Djokovic long for 15-15.  Great return forced error and 15-30.  Netted Murray forehand and two break points.  Double fault and the break, 2-0 Djokovic.  Drop shot special from Djokovic and 15-0.  Forehand return netted and 30-0.  Off forehand winner and 40-0. Game for Djokovic and 3-0.  

Djokovic forehand long and Murray 15-0. Murray forehand into the Dandenongs and 15-15.  Murray netting a groundstroke and then another and two break points.  A long forehand and a second break, Djokovic ahead 4-0.  Murray backhand long, forehand wide 30-0 Djokovic. Ace for 40-0.  Backhand wide by Djokovic and 40-15.  Backhand winner behind Murray for the game and 5-0.

Surprisingly meek performance from Murray so far.  A quick reversal of form needed.

Error from Murray and 0-15.  Big serve and 15-15.  Murray forehand wide 15-30.  Ace for 30-30.  Forehand crosscourt winner from Murray and game point. Murray on the board and 5-1 Djokovic. Backhand down the line winner from Djokovic and 15-0.  Murray forehand winner and 15-15.  Murray forehand wide and 30-15.  Backhand long from Djokovic and 30-30.  Murray better now.  Djokovic forehand winner and set point.  Murray backhand return winner and deuce.  Murray backhand wide and a second set point.  Forehand from Serbia in the net and deuce.  Off forehand winner from the same nation and third set point.  Return into the net and the first set won by Djokovic 6-1.

Murray served first in the second set and led 15-0.  30-0 with Djokovic backhand wide.  Djokovic forehand volley winner and 30-15.  Murray backhand netted and 30-30.  Return wide and game point. Game to Murray and the lead 1-0.  Murray wide and 15-0 Djokovic. Volley put away by Djokovic and 30-0.  40-0 with Murray meeting the net.  Long by Djokovic and 40-15.  Serve held and 1-1.

Double fault and Murray down 0-15.  30-15 with a Djokovic netted backhand.  30-30 with Murray doing likewise.  Ace for game point.  Murray forced into error by Djokovic forehand and deuce.  Lucky net cord for Murray and game point once more.  Deuce with another Murray date with the net.  Awesome backhand from the Eastern Suburbs by Djokovic for break point. Saved by big Murray serve.  Another break point.  Bad shot by Djokovic and saved.  Third chance. Overhead by Murray and deuce. Fourth try. Ace to save that one.  Game point. Ace for service hold and Murray led 2-1.

Backhand wide by Djokovic and 0-15.  Murray return error and 15-15. Ace and 30-15.  Return long and 40-15.  Quick game for 2-2.  Serve backhand combo for 15-0 Murray. Backhand long by Djokovic and 30-0. Backhand netted for 30-15.  Ace for 40-15.  Forehand crosscourt winner by Murray for 3-2.

15-0 with Murray netting a forehand.  Return forced an error and 15-15.  Forehand netted by Djokovic and 15-30.  Murray well wide and 30-30.  Game point with Murray netting.  Dieuce.  Game point luckily after Murray missed a volley.  Deuce with a wild Djokovic backhand.  Murray long and another chance for Djokovic to level.  Finally a Serbian backhand forced the error and games were 3-3.

Double fault for Murray and 0-15.  Ace and 15-15. Murray to 30-15 with forehand winner.  30-30 Murray finding the net. Backhand in the net by Murray and break point.  Murray hit long and there was the break.  4-3 Djokovic. Ace for 15-0 Djokovic.  15-15 with the net halting Djokovic's progress.  Murray winner and 15-30.  Murray error and 30-30.  Break point with Djokovic netting a forehand.  Backhand winner from Murray for break back and 4-4.

30-15 Murray. 30-30 with Murray long.  Forehand return forced Murray error and break point.  Deuce with service winner.  A point each and deuce again.  Ace for game point.  Deuce once more.  Forehand long by Murray and break point.  Backhand forced error from Djokovic and deuce.  Backhand winner from Murray and game point.  Serve held and 5-4 Murray.

0-15 Djokovic. 15-15 with Djokovic forehand smash winner.  15-30 Djokovic in the net.  30-30 Murray in the net.  40-30 again Murray netting.  Serve held 5-5.  Backhand Murray winner 15-0.  Forehand Murray winner 30-0.  Backhand long from Djokovic 40-0. Forehand wide from Murray 40-15.  Forehand winner from Djokovic 40-30.  Murray backhand wide and deuce.  Backhand winner from Djokovic and break point.  Murray backhand long and the break, Djokovic leading 6-5.

Djokovic serving for the set.  15-0, Murray in the net.  15-15, Djokovic long.  30-15 Murray long.  Double fault and 30-30.  Double fault and break point.  Saved with Murray netting a backhand.  Set point with a long Murray backhand.  Set to Djokovic with yet another Murray visit to the net 7-5.

Two sets to love to Djokovic, although for much of the second he looked to be matched by Murray especially in extended rallies.  However, chances when available are taken by champions and usually at the right time and that is what happened with Djokovic.

Murray served first in the third set and was immediately in trouble at 15-30.  An overhead into the net by him gave Djokovic two break points.  One saved with a wayward Serbian backhand.  A sparkling Djokovic running backhand winner down the line sealed the break and he led 1-0.
A Murray shot long and Djokovic was at 15-0.  A stunning backhand forced an error and it was 30-0.  A seriously good lob and 40-0.  A love game and 2-0.  

Murray 15-0 with forehand. 15-15 with Djokovic forcing an error with his backhand.  15-30 with Murray in the net.  Big serve forcing long return and 30-30.  Game point after Djokovic met the net with his forehand.  Serve held and 2-1 Djokovic.

0-15 Djokovic 15-15 after a forehand crosscourt winner from Djokovic. Forehand Serbian smash winner and 30-15.  Djokovic long and 30-30.  Break back point after Djokovic hit the net.  Saved with a wild Murray forehand miss.  Service winner and game point. Serve held for 3-1 Djokovic. 
15-0 Murray 15-15 with Murray pushing a backhand wide.  Djokovic forehand wide and 30-15.  Forehand clean winner from Djokovic and 30-30.  Backhand netted by Djokovic and game point.  Serve held and 3-2 Djokovic.

Murray volley winner and 0-15 Djokovic. 15-15 with Murray backhand pushed wide.  Murray backhand long and 30-15.  30-30 following Djokovic in the net.  Break point with Djokovic forced into error.  Serve forehand combo to the rescue.  Overhead winner from Murray and break point.  Djokovic long and break back 3-3.

Murray 15-0.  15-15 with Murray finding net.  30-15 Djokovic long.  Forehand winner by Murray 40-15 
Game over and 4-3 Murray.  Pressure back on Djokovic.  15-0 with Murray error.  A Murray volley winner and 15-15.  The net found a Murray forehand and 30-15.  Double fault and 30-30. Better serves and game won for 4-4.

Magic Djokovic backhand caused error and 0-15 on Murray serve. Forehand volley winner from Murray and 15-15.  30-15 with strong serve down middle.  Serve well held and 5-4 Murray.  15-0 Djokovic with Murray encountering the net again. 30-0 with forehand smash winner.  40-15 with Murray forehand long. Games were 5-5 with serve held.

Murray 15-0 on serve. 15-15 Murray netting a forehand. Backhand winner from Murray and 30-15. Service winner for 40-15.  Another for 6-5 Murray.  Djokovic 15-0 with an off forehand winner. Another forehand winner and 30-0.  Ace for 40-0.  Forehand wide and 40-15.  Murray backhand volley winner and 40-30.  Serve held and 6-6 tie break.

Murray double fault and 0-1.  Djokovic ace and 2-0.  Murray netted and 3-0 Djokovic.  Backhand winner from Murray 1-3.  Double fault Murray 1-4 Big serve Djokovic 5-1. End change.  Murray backhand wide 6-1 Djokovic.  Five match points.  Ace by Murray 2-6.  Backhand long by Djokovic 6-3.  
Ace for the match.

Novak Djokovic was just too good for a much more competitive Andy Murray after set one, and he won the match in straight sets:

6-1 7-5 7-6 (3)

6 Aus Opens and 11 Majors as the roll continues for the best player in the world.

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