Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Federer into semis

Roger Federer has a good record over Tomas Berdych but the Swiss third seed has lost to the Czech sixth seed in their last two meetings at Grand Slam level.  However that is just statistics and those matches were a few years ago.  I don't think Tomas will make it three in a row but he will cause more trouble for Roger than others have this tournament.

Federer served first and a forehand winner gave him 30-0.  A rare double fault and 30-15. Federer won easily for 1-0.  Tomas was beaten at the net and trailed 0-15. A big serve and 15-15.  No problems as Federer couldn't counter the serve for the remainder of the game 1-1.

15-15 with a good return from Berdych.  15-40 following a Federer mistake and a Berdych winner.  The first break point was saved but not the second with Federer unable to handle a Berdych forehand.
Berdych led 2-1.  Double fault and 0-30.  15-30 with a powerful serve.  A winning forehand provided Federer with two break back points.  One saved with a Swiss backhand in the net.  A Berdych error cost him the game and games were back on serve 2-2.

A Federer forehand long and 0-15.  A good string of serves and 3-2 Federer. A strong forehand from Berdych for 15-15.  A smash winner and 30-15.  An ace for 40-30.  Double fault nullified the ace. A netted backhand from Federer was bettered by his forehand winner and it was deuce again.  Game point once more thanks to a. Swiss mistake. Double fault yet again.  Ace for another game point and a slice of luck for Federer brings deuce again.  Ace once more.  Deuce once more.  Federer backhand into net once more.  Wild overhead miss from Federer and game to Berdych at long last. 3-3.

15-15 after the net was met by Federer again.  A Berdych mistake and 30-15.  40-15 following a Swiss forehand winner.  4-3 Federer.  Berdych and his big serve was able to level at 4-4 and the critical stage of the set had been reached.

A great return then a great serve 15-15.  Two more fine serves from Federer, and a third had him a game from the set. 5-4.  30-30 and tight for Berdych.  Set point with a lucky net cord on return of serve playing its part.
Saved well by Berdych. A heavy forehand caused Federer's error and another forehand won the game and games were 5-5.

30-15 with winner from Federer.  Two game points.  One saved with down the line winner.  Game to Federer and 6-5.  30-0 for Berdych. An ace for 40-0.  A Czech error and 40-15, but a Swiss error took us to a tie break.

1-0 Federer with a forehand winner.  A poor shot from Berdych and Federer had the mini break.  2-1 Federer after a big Berdych serve. 4-1 after Federer finds the line.  4-2 at change of ends.

Brilliant off forehand from Berdych for 3-4.  6-3 and three set points for Federer.  An awesome forehand pass by Berdych saved one.  A careless shot by him gave the set to Federer 7-6, seven points to four in the tie break.

Berdych's two aces weren't enough to save a break point as Federer's backhand winner broke the sixth seed and Switzerland led 1-0 in set two.  Federer tossed in a couple of volley winners as he increased his lead to 2-0.  

Federer took Berdych to deuce courtesy of forehand winners but a forehand error gave the game to Berdych and Federer led 2-1.  He then led 3-1 with serve and forehand on song.  Both held strongly for Federer to lead 4-2 and then Federer broke once more hitting a forehand winner on the single break point provided.  Leading 5-2 the third seed would serve for a two set lead.

Two forehand winners and a service winner were highlights of the game which Federer won to take the second set 6-2 and lead Berdych by two sets to love.

Instead of crying like a baby and giving the match away, Berdych held serve to love and broke the Federer serve with the second break point to lead 2-0 in the third set.  Then it fell apart.  From 30-15 Berdych hit unforced errors and a double fault to be broken back.  Then Federer served a love game and it was 2-2.

Berdych held comfortably for 3-2 but failed to convert either of two break points and Federer escaped to level at 3-3.  Both held easily for 4-4.

Berdych was down 0-40 but fought back to have game point which he lost this time and once again before Federer raised a break point following a clean winner.  An unforced error from Berdych and the break was Federer's.  5-4 and serving for a semi final spot.

Four clean winners and Federer had won.  7-6 6-2 6-4  He would play Djokovic or Nishikori in the semi finals.

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