Monday, 25 January 2016

Murray outplays improved Tomic

For all the hype over Andy Murray's record, and the cold water people such as Roger Federer have poured on Bernard Tomic's Top Ten aspirations, the first night match between Andy and Bernard promised much.  Tomic had it all to do  Murray's form had been amongst the very best and he has weapons that Tomic may struggle to match.  However the last 12 months have seen a vast improvement in the work ethic of the Aussie and his ranking has jumped to top twenty as a result.

He should give Murray a decent battle, and while not expecting Tomic to win, the entertainment value of the match will be high in my opinion.

Tomic served first.  Two drop shots from Murray set up two break points, and a superb return of a second serve made the break and the lead 1-0. A double fault made it 15-15 and an error by Murray caused by a good Tomic return brought it to 15-30.  Tomic was patient in a long rally ending in deuce. Andy's first whinge came with what was on the video screen.  Poor Andy.  And now the fans saw nothing after the umpire relented to his wishes.  Serve was held and the miserable Scot led 2-0.

Tomic was missing shots but the net was his biggest problem - he was having no issue missing that.  A beautiful passing shot from the Aussie gave him game point but he missed another long.  Excellent point from Tomic to win the game, running Murray all over the court - pity the crowd couldn't watch that replayed on the video screen but one player in the whole field couldn't hack having vision playing and so demanded it stop. 2-1 Murray

0-30 after errors from the second seed.  An ace helped some.  Break points for Tomic after a failed drop shot.  The first was saved but Tomic's patience and accuracy was good enough for the break and it was 2-2.

Two shots wide from Tomic had him at 15-30 and a superb backhand from Murray created two break points.  Tomic saved one but was broken with another self inflicted error.  Murray led 3-2.  Aces helped Murray easily hold and consolidate his break to lead 4-2.

Loose tennis from the Aussie gave Murray another break and at 5-2 he would serve for the opening set.  Tomic did well and broke Murray who was not happy but still led 5-3.  A Murray volley winner brought Tomic to 30-15 but Tomic won the game, in fact two games in succession to trail 4-5.

Murray served for the set a second time, and you would think by his demeanour on court that he was down by two sets.  He is not someone you need if you want to be cheered up.  30-15 and not far from capturing the first set.  Two set points after a Tomic mistake.  Murray won the set 6-4.

15-30 on the Tomic serve became 15-40 and two break points.  One saved with an insipid Murray forehand, but an attacking Murray groundstroke allowed him to rush the net and put away a volley and lead 1-0.

A backhand winner from Tomic and it was 30-30 on the Murray serve.  Break point with a Murray blunder.  A failed drop shot and the break back occurred. 1-1.  All the while the commentators are explaining to each other why Tomic can never be top ten because he can't beat Murray, why he cannot possibly beat Murray, and Courier is describing why he can't have a career in this era.  For goodness sake the guy is already 17 in the world.  Why pick on him and drag him down instead of being constructive and assist in building his career ?

Andy Murray broke back quickly to love and led 2-1, and held comfortably for 3-1. Tomic set up a backhand point with another backhand in preparation to win the point, but he was soon down 15-40.  One break point was saved with a winning forehand.  The next was dismissed with an ace.  Andy produced another break point with a cross court backhand.  Tomic dispensed with that as well.  A fourth chance for Murray was netted by the Scot himself.  Tomic held serve to trail 2-3.

Serve held by both and it was 4-3 Murray.  A wonderful down the line backhand from Tomic had the score at 15-15 and a Murray shank made it 30-30.  40-30 following a fine off forehand from Murray.  A drop shot setting up the easy put away gave the 5-3 lead to Murray.

A massive forehand surprised Murray and Tomic had 15-15.  30-30 after Murray found the net.  Game point with a long Murray forehand. Deuce. Both tried to be cute at the net and Bernard ended up cuter.   Murray then made another mistake giving Tomic the chocolates for 4-5.  Still it was Murray who would serve for the set.

Andy Murray served a love game and won the second set 6-4, now leading two sets to love.

An early break for Murray and he led 2-1 but Tomic had 0-40 on the next Scot serve.  One of the three break points saved. The return of serve forced an error and the break came. 2-2.  An ace for 15-0 and a forcing forehand delivering 30-0 to Tomic. An amazing backhand passing shot just in front of the net and crossing in front of Andy's eyes, following terrific scrambling gave Tomic a love game and the lead 3-2.

Murray held serve to level at 3-3.  Tomic out rallied Murray to lead 30-0 and big serving moved him to 4-3. Level once more at 4-4.

Fine rallying by Tomic had Murray running all over Melbourne and into parts of Sydney before winning the next two points.  An error into the net had it at 30-30.  A big serve gave Tomic game point.  Deuce thanks to a great return.  A great response from Tomic forcing a long shot from Murray and finally an awesome half volley winner from the Aussie put him ahead 5-4.

Murray started with an ace and a Tomic down the line just missed. Another ace and the resultant love game saw the score reach 5-5.  Tomic was at 30-0 helped by a net cord.  Danger at 30-30.  Wonderful down the line forehand for game point but an error placed them at deuce.  Deuce a second time before an ace.  Deuce number three then a sensational Murray backhand for break point.  Saved by a wicked Tomic backhand. Ace for game point.  Wide forehand and deuce number five. Volley put away for game point. Another of the same and game to Tomic for 6-5.

30-0 and tie break imminent.  Clever tennis by Tomic and 30-15.  40-15 with loose down the line shot by Tomic.  Winner by Murray and games were 6-6 so tie break.

Murray had early mini break 1-0.  Tomic won it back straight away.  A bad miss cost Tomic a chance for another point on Murray's serve.  Murray stretched his lead to 3-2 with a break.  4-2 at the end change.  5-2 with an ace.  6-2 and four match points following a Tomic error.  One saved.  6-4 and Tomic trying to the end.  A big serve did it and Murray won 6-4 6-4 7-6.

Andy Murray will play David Ferrer in the quarter finals.

Bernard Tomic played well against the world number two and his goal of reaching the top ten is a realistic one, despite his ignorant detractors.

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