Friday, 27 January 2017

Dodig and Mirza in Mixed Final

Semi final time in mixed doubles and unseeded Aussie pair Sam Groth and Samantha Stosur played second seeds Ivan Dodig (Croatia) and Sania Mirza (India).

Groth served three double faults in succession to lose the opening game.  Unforced errors from his team cost Dodig his opening serve and games were 1-1.
Stosur and Mirza redeemed their teams' reputations by holding serve and 2-2.

Groth managed to avoid the double faults and held for 3-2 and then the Australians through a Groth backhand return winner, a Stosur volley, a Groth backhand winner, and a double fault, broke Dodig a second time for 4-2.

Stosur served for the consolidating hold but she mishit a forehand and trailed 0-30.  Dodig won the next point at the net before Groth saved one of the break points with a volley.  An ace saved the second but a wide Groth backhand confirmed a break back and the Aussie's led 4-3.

Three return errors on the Mirza serve gave Mirza three game points.  They all disappeared but a great second serve saw Stosur hit long and games were 4-4.
Groth started with an ace but a missed Stosur overhead had the team at 15-30.  A Groth double fault and two break points.  One saved with an ace.  Another double fault and the break.
Dodig to serve for the set, and he had yet to hold serve in the match.  

Good volleying from Mirza and 30-15.  Two set points arrived and one left with a Dodig double fault.  The next serve was an ace and that sealed the set 6-4 for the second seeds.

Groth served first in set two and raced to three game points but another double fault delayed the hold by one point.  A winning Stosur volley put the pair up 1-0.
A good overhead from Mirza began the Dodig service game well.  Another Mirza volley forced the Stosur error and 1-1.

Groth mishit a simple volley and put Stosur in trouble on serve.  He did better on the next point and eventually Stosur held for 2-1.  Stosur hit a great return and 30-30 on the Mirza serve.  She created a break point with smart net play.  A double fault and the break. 3-1 the Australians.

Double fault for Groth and 30-15.  Brilliant point from Mirza, winning with her forehand, and 30-30.  4-1 after Stosur won the final point at the net.
Dodig needed to hold for his team to remain a single break down.  He did, to love, finishing with a backhand winner and it was 2-4.

Stosur served and did well after losing the first point.  5-2.  Down 0-40 and set points on the Mirza serve, two were saved.  An ace saved the third.  A double fault handed the set to the Australians, and a super tiebreak would decide the match.

First to 10 points with a two point break.  A Groth return winner put his team ahead 2-1.  The mini break was returned when Dodig forced Stosur to hit the net. On serve at 3-2 to the Aussies.  Mirza held both her serves for 4-3.  A double fault just at the wrong time for Groth.  Brilliant volleying from Dodig and a second point against the Groth serve.  6-3 Dodig/Mirza.  An ace and an errant Groth return off a Dodig serve.  8-3.

Stosur won the first of her serves but Mirza put a forehand past Groth and won the next for 9-4 and five match points.

9-5 after a Mirza backhand floated long.  A Dodig volley forced the error and the match was over, Sania Mirza and Ivan Dodig winning 6-4 2-6 10-5 and a place in the final on Sunday.

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