Monday, 7 March 2016

Bernie & Nick - we're proud then embarrassed

I backed Bernard Tomic as he played some terrific tennis throughout 2015 and was lambasted for his off court comments which were basically driven by his father.  Having seemingly ditched his immature approach to media and socialising, the Davis Cup was expected to be a chance to prove himself as Australia's leading male tennis player. He acquitted himself in both matches accordingly.

I also have been a strong supporter of Nick Kyrgios this year, as much as I criticised him heavily last year for wasting his talent with self indulgent loutish behaviour. He has devoted great energy into his tennis with results beginning to match his potential.

Now the two undoubted talents have resorted to an unsightly brawl through media - public and social - acting like naughty 10 year old school boys arguing over a marbles game at recess.

Davis Cup is a team game and whatever you think of each other Bernard and Nick, you do yourselves a disservice by airing your differences to one and all.  Worse still it embarrasses Australia.  The rest of the world must be wondering what in the hell we are doing.  Take a leaf from the book of teamwork, which the Aussie girls in the Fed Cup have read, and apply it to Davis Cup.
No matter how good you may be, there are others who commit to the ethics required and will gladly step up to take your places if you continue this nonsense.

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