Friday, 17 January 2014

A Lesson from Roger

Roger Federer playing a match on a court other than Rod Laver Arena.  Unheard of. However, it was going to happen because his second round clash with Slovenian Blaz Kavcic had Hisense Arena written on the schedule.  And it must have been Ok with Roger since it is he who has the final say on all decisions made with respect to the Australian Open, including what shoes the line judges wear and what questions are asked at press conferences.
So the sixth seed would need to have his practice hit - apologies - next match - on Hisense, and while 99th ranked Kavcic is capable enough, the enough is not near enough to be anything but a passing nuisance for Federer.

Roger broke the Kavcic serve straight away and had even less trouble holding serve and before we could blink it was 2-0.  Roger rested for awhile, content with his work, and during this period, Blaz was able to register a game on the scoreboard, but once refocused the Swiss star donated some backhand perfection along the road to a second break of the Slovenian serve.  4-1.

No more highlights for the set - Federer was so consistent that no one shot of brilliance stood above another.  He won the set 6-2

The clinic continued in set two, and Roger's first lesson was a recap of how to break an opponents spirit in the nicest possible way.  Yes another service break and hold and the 2-0 lead from set one was replicated.

Blaz was becoming if anything less effective on serve and Federer's children probably had a chance in the third game, the Kavcic delivery was so impotent.  3-0 with two breaks and Roger again rested.

Kavcic broke the Federer serve while the champion wasn't paying attention, and that riled Roger somewhat.  That was both the first and last time Blaz would taste success in the set and Federer led 6-2 6-1

The third set was set aside as an exhibition for the benefit of the crowd, or so it seemed such was the lack of pressure from Federer on the Kavcic serve.  Neither player was seriously threatened and a tie breaker decided the set.  That Federer won it and the match came as no surprise.  6-2 6-1 7-6 and into round 3.

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