Thursday, 24 January 2013

Two Aussie Women to contest the Final

Ok it sounds good but we are only referring to womens doubles and the team of Casey Dellacqua and Ashleigh Barty, which had knocked over the number three and number fourteen seeded teams on the way to the semi final which followed the hard act to follow Federer / Tsonga delight.

To reach the final the Aussies had to defeat the team of American Varvara Lepchenko and China's Saisai Zheng, also unseeded, and then would face the might of the number one seeded Italians once there.

All four girls held their respective first serves, but then the match made its first major directional selection with first Varvara, then Saisai, dropping their serves, handing the first set to the Aussies 6-2.
Casey was the best player on court with her well timed and well placed lobs, chopping off volleys and general team leading.  The Chino-American alliance was in trouble with its lack of communication at times leading to half court overage on occasion, poor choice of shots when in defensive mode and what appeared to be lack of an overall plan.

Similar stuff happened in the early stages of the second set, with Ashleigh holding serve for the now named (courtesy of a crowd wit) ABCD team, then assisting Casey to break Varvara once more.

At 3-0 things appeared set for the Aussies and the promotional material began to be prepared for the final.  Then the good ship ABCD sprung a leak.  Ashleigh committed atrocities on serve and will have to walk the plank, Saisai taught herself how to hold serve and Casey forgot all of the good material on which she had mentored Ashleigh then blew her own service game.

Suddenly the visitors were in front 4-3 with the now scarily reliable serve of Varvara to come.  It did not stay reliable for longer than the one game and the ABCD broke back to 4-4.

The girls then tacked well to sail home on the breeze and advance to the women's doubles final with the comprehensive 6-2 6-4 victory.

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